P&C Association


On behalf of the P&C Association, welcome to Allenstown State School. We hope you and your family settle into your new school life quickly and grow to value the commitment to excellence in education on offer at Allies. We look forward to you becoming a part of our wonderful school community.

The P&C works with the Principal and Teachers to support the school so our children have the best possible experience. The meetings are an organised way to get information about the school and have a say about what’s going on. We share ideas and feedback to help the Principal run the school for the benefit of the students, teachers and community.

Importantly, the P&C raises funds for the school and we do this by organising a range of events for the enjoyment of students, parents, carers, teachers, school staff, past students and community members. The money we raise is put towards projects that are suggested by parents and carers or teachers at P&C meetings.

Great schools need great volunteers

As a parent/carer, there are so many different ways to show your child how much you value their education at Allies. The P&C Association has always had a strong focus on community and developing effective partnerships with both parents and the wider community. Our volunteers know they are making a difference. Volunteering at Allies can come in a variety of forms including:

  • Volunteering in the Tuckshop
  • Assisting with student school banking
  • Becoming involved in fundraising activities
  • Becoming a member of the P&C Association.

Committing to the school community

The P&C Association strives to build a true community spirit within Allies. In partnership with the school, the P&C Association coordinates a number of events to further develop the link between home and school.

Our P & C Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month in the administration building staff room at 4.00pm.

You are welcome to bring your children. We greatly value the participation of interested parents and carers in our school. Please come along to a meeting and be involved in and informed about your school.

Allies is a progressive and innovative school, totally committed to providing a progressive education that responds to and reflects the changing society in which we operate. The P&C Association is equally committed to ensuring our efforts support the goals and the mission of the school, therefore benefiting each and every student.

Once again, on behalf of the P&C Association, welcome to Allenstown State School.

Last reviewed 22 November 2018
Last updated 22 November 2018