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Welcome to the Allenstown State School website. 

Allenstown State School is one of numerous state primary schools in the town of Rockhampton, with Allenstown being located on the south side of the river. Allenstown State School has a very long and proud history – providing quality educational experiences since 1877. The history of the school is a tangible thing – we have many pieces of infrastructure that remain from ‘days gone by’ including our very impressive three storey A block building and an historic play shed. While the school’s origins sit in the 19th century we are very much about educating the children of Allenstown and environs for life, work and leisure within the 21st century. 

Our school motto is Onward and Upward and we embody that in all our planning and daily activities – trying to always be moving students’ knowledge and skills onward and upward. Our school vision statement, Embrace the Past: Empower the Future is a statement of recognition of our rich history but desire to be part of a changing and fast-paced world. 

Our school allows students to participate in a wide range of pursuits – ranging from academic to cultural to sports and other options – there is always something with which students can be engaged.  

Ours school is a Positive Behaviour for Learning school and we invest a lot of energy in teaching appropriate behaviours in a wide range of contexts. Our school day is based around the four basic rules of:

  • Always Safe
  • Always Respectful
  • Always Learning
  • Always Present  

The school is well resourced with an administration team, teaching team and various support teams that complete a range of functions. In addition to the ‘basics’ we offer learning opportunities in Japanese, instrumental music and a variety of sports. Being a school with our own pool our students swim twice a year and have an option to join and after school squad training session. 

All students are well supported with a holistic approach being taken, of which the basic premise is Every Student Succeeding. All staff are used to provide either regular classroom or support services for students to ensure that maximum potential can be achieved by everyone.  

The most common remark you may hear about Allenstown State School is that ‘something is always happening’. This is because the staff are committed to providing the most engaging experiences they can, with the best resourcing possible, on each and every single school day. 

Please – enrol at Allenstown and I am sure that you will your association with us rewarding, challenging and positive. Call us for more details of school programs, policies or for enrolment packages.


Gary Lynn

Last reviewed 22 November 2018
Last updated 22 November 2018